On January 25, 1934, thirteen men of the Bon Meade area met at Fuller's Community Service Station to discuss the formation of a Volunteer Fire Company. The name of the Company was to be the "Bon Meade Volunteer Fire Department." It was to serve some 1500 people living in Moon Township at that time.

It is believed that the following are some of the thirteen original members: James Gardner, Sr., Paul Gentile, William Kroehs, Gilbert Hughes, Carl Morris, Walter Davidson, G.E. McKinley, C.E. Olson, Albert Konter, Sterner Olson and H.C. Leonhardt. Three additional members joined in February, 1934-Sidney Yengst, Paul Frye and Frank Miller. Mr. Yengst was later elected the fire company's first Fire Chief the following month.

On September 30, 1934 the name of the company was changed to "Moon Township Volunteer Fire Company" to meet the needs of charter requirements. The Charter application was filed on October 2, 1934 and awarded in the Court of Common Pleas of Allegheny County in January 1935. In December of 1934 the original Constitution and By-Laws of the company were drafted and were first read to the membership at the January 4, 1935 meeting. April 5, 1935 the name of the company was changed to "Moon Township Volunteer Fire Corporation" and was later changed back to "Moon Township Volunteer Fire Company, Inc."

January 24, 1935 a general public meeting was held in the high school auditorium to acquaint the taxpayers to the lack of fire fighting equipment in Moon Township. In the minutes of the June 7, 1935 meeting, there is a mention of purchasing a fire truck body for $25.00. The July 5, 1935 minutes note that the truck body and parts were purchased from Bennett Brothers for a total of $30.00.

On July 2, 1935 the committee appointed on Constitution and By-Laws respectfully submitted temporary working guidelines establishing the Operating and Executive Committees of the Fire Company.

These were defined as follows:

  • * Executive Officers-President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer
  • * Operating Officers-Fire Chief and one assistant
  • * Standing Committees-Constitution & By-Laws, Entertainment
  • * Subscriptions, Ways & Means, and Membership.

The following order of business was established "until permanent by-laws are adopted." These very closely resemble our current order of business..

  • Reading of the minutes of previous meeting (and their approval)
  • Reading of Treasurer's report
  • Report of Standing committees
  • Reports of Special Committees
  • Reports of Bills, Correspondence and Applications for membership
  • Unfinished Business
  • New Business
  • Good for the Corporation
  • Adjournment

During 1936, 1937 and 1938 the meetings were held at Keim's Garage in Bon Meade or the Carnot High School. On August 3, 1939 the meetings were moved to the municipal building at Carnot. They were held there until June 6, 1973 when they moved to the new Municipal building at 1000 Beaver Grade Road. On January 7, 1976 they were moved to their current location at the Public Safety Building. The P.S.B. was formally dedicated on February 15, 1976.

September 2, 1939 at the Moon Township Board of Supervisors meeting a motion was requested by the MTVFC, made and seconded to place a special resolution on the ballot of the November 8, 1938 election. The resolution read:

"Shall the Supervisors of the Township of Moon purchase and maintain fire apparatus for said township and provide a suitable place for the housing of the same."

The resolution passed and bids were taken in February 1939 for a Brockway fire truck. The minutes of a April 18, 1939 special meeting contained a mention of a discussion being held to purchase 6 sets of fire hats, coats and boots at a price of $21.25 each. The motion carried.

On April 15, 1939 a sales agreement was made between James and Olive Donnan and the Township of Moon for the purchase of property at Carnot and Stoops Ferry Road in Carnot for a Township Municipal building. The cost of the property was $650.00. This property and an adjoining property owned by the Volunteer Fire Company was combined when the Carnot Station was rebuilt in 1991. The 1939 Brockway Fire truck was stored here when it was delivered.

During the regular monthly meeting on July 6, 1939 a motion was presented and passed creating the formation of the Moon Township Relief Association. On September 12, 1939 the Fire Company answered its first alarm. The Fire Company responded to 43 calls the following year in 1940. In September of 1946 the Ladies Auxiliary was formed to assist the Fire Company with fund raising.

Between 1939 and 1956 several tankers and brush trucks were built from second-hand equipment that was donated or purchased at cheap prices. During WWII, a self-contained engine/250 GPM pump was donated by the Office of Civil Defense and mounted on a Dodge chassis. In 1956 a FWD pumper with a 750 GPM pump carrying 500 gallons of water was purchased. This was the first commercially built unit purchased since the Brockway was bought in 1939. Also in 1956 the Fire Company opened its second station. An agreement was made with the Bon Meade Civic Association for garage space to house a truck. The 1939 Brockway was moved to this location. A 1250 gallon tanker was put in service in 1964 and housed at Carnot station. In 1965 the third station was built in the Bon Air section of the township and named the Downes station in honor of Mr. George Downes who from his store and home in Carnot answered fire calls and sounded the siren for many years. In 1966 two class A pumpers were purchased, one went to the Downes station and one to the Bon Meade station.

In 1974 the first aerial truck was purchased, Snorkel 1 and was housed at the Downes Station until the PSB was built. In 1978 Engine 24 was put in service at the Carnot Station. A new Tanker was purchased in 1981, Truck 12 and stationed at Carnot. April 1981 the current Boggs Run Fire House was completed and housed Truck 15, Engine 22 and Special Services 1.

In 1986 a new pumper, Engine 22 and Special Services/Rescue truck, Truck 13 were purchased. The pumper was housed at the Public Safety Building and the Rescue was housed at the Carnot Station. Throughout the 1990's and early 2000's numerous additional pieces of equipment were purchased. Some of the trucks include a new Brush truck stationed at the Carnot station, a 102'Aerial Ladder Truck housed at the Public Safety Building, a new Engine and Heavy Rescue Truck at the Carnot Station and a 55' Pumper/Squirt at the Public Safety Building.

In early 2009, The Fire Company received a new Engine, Engine 2, and it was placed at the Boggs Run Fire House. This was the first brand new piece of equipment housed in the Bon Meade section of town in 43 years.

In 2012 a new Pumper Engine 3 was put in service at the Downes station and in 2016 A new 75' squirt Truck 4 was put in service at the Public Safety Building replacing the 1991 55'pumper/aerial.

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